...we are concentrating on the HX5Bi





We are dropping the price...








...the hard work is already done.







There's no tuning. No tweaking. No testing.



MAY 28, 2015

This is to inform everyone that we are closing down production of the HEX-BEAM®.

If someone is interested in going forward with this effort please contact me at 978-386-7936.



In addition to producing HEX-BEAMS®, there is more to be done that would bring the HEX-BEAM® to the next level of versatility and performance.





JULY 2013

The good news this year is we are concentrating our efforts on the HX5Bi which has been our “workhorse” design throughout the years. Though virtually all our costs have risen during the last 5 years, we have held the same price. It would seem that now is the time to raise the price, but we have decided to do the opposite. We are dropping the price to $1097. We would like it to be $997, but that would require switching to a cheapened version. By focusing our efforts and energies on the HX5Bi we expect our overall cost per antenna will be less. Part of keeping costs down is not doing the Dayton, Orlando, and other shows as we have in the past. We hope this updated website will help fill the void that's left. The “old” specifications and basic contents of the site remain the same since what we published in the beginning has proven to be true even though it was considered preposterous and impossible then.

The other news regards the loss of our source for the precision epoxy/glass tubes used in our lightweight and portable arrays. We have not found a suitable alternate source, so we are not building these arrays at this time. The 40M and 40/30M HEX-BEAM®s are not available at this time either. High tooling and material costs make them unaffordable for most amateurs. Though the HEX-BEAM® really “comes into it's own” on 40 and 30M because of its small size and ability to perform well at modest heights, we aren't interested in making an antenna that would be “affordable”, but not durable.

Our goal still is to provide the best antenna we can at the lowest possible price without compromising quality. We enjoy making an un-ordinary/extraordinary antenna for the discerning operator who is unable or unwilling to install a huge and expensive conventional system with comparable performance.

In the past we have stressed the importance of certain aspects of our work with the HEX-BEAM®, yet some, having never seen or used a HEX-BEAM®, still ask why the HEX-BEAM® costs more than the various other antennas also being called “hexbeams”? And how, or if, our antenna is different from these? You're invited to take a closer look. (see photos and comments) We believe you will find the extra money well spent. Not only in the first contact on the first day, but in the long run.

As has been mentioned before, there are many reasons for making the HEX-BEAM® the way we do. The original objectives (see HISTORY) are best met with the 2 W-shaped elements and tip coupling found exclusively in the HEX-BEAM®. Also, the material selected for each component is the best we could find for the intended purpose. Where nothing existed to meet a specific need, the necessary component was designed, prototyped, and field-tested, here (insulators, element mounting fittings, etc.). Finally each component is fabricated to meet our exacting standards and mounted on the various antenna structures where required. Using our jigs and fixtures, the beam is pre-assembled as much as possible and then prepared for shipping. When your HX5Bi arrives, the hard work is already done. It's ready for final assembly which is quickly and simply accomplished using our step-by-step instructions. There's no measuring or fabrication of elements or anything else. There's no tuning. No tweaking. No testing. Just do the final assembly and get on the air!

The HEX-BEAM® is designed and built for those who desire the high level of performance it provides, look for a long term return on their investment, and enjoy owning and using something built to last in the “old world craftsmanship” manner.

We hope you enjoy the following overview of our work.

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