HX5Bi At Home.


HX5Bi Away.


Dear antenna enthusiast,

When planning your new antenna system we ask you to consider the OVERALL picture. Please take note of what a HEX-BEAM® can do for you whether you're at home or away.

Perhaps you wonder, why you should pay more for the Traffie HEX-BEAM®. Please take a close look at the details, such as the spreader arms, insulators, mounting fittings and so forth, that are so important in the long run. Optimized gain and quality workmanship have been our goal since the beginning.

When everything is considered, we believe you will find, "There's nothing like a HEX-BEAM®." Our hope is that the HEX-BEAM® turns out to be the best antenna investment you ever made.

To those who have already purchased HEX-BEAM®s, we say... thank you. To new customers, we say... welcome! We look forward to hearing from you, whether it's the first time, or one of many.

You're invited to try one at your own station. Our guarantee is simple: If you are not satisfied, return your purchase in undamaged condition for full refund, less shipping costs.



Mike Traffie, N1HXA



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